eMail Address Extractor Highlights

Create email lists from virtually any source.

Extensive file support

eMail Address Extractor can scan many common files types. Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Microsoft Office, PDF, emlx, SQL databases - virtually any file which contains plain acsii text can be scanned. Zip archives can be processed directly - there's no need to expand before scanning. email accounts are also easily scanned from the handy tool panel.

Highly Configurable

Choose between .csv or .txt file output for your mailing lists. Save time by creating filters to ignore certain file types or email addresses while scanning. Quickly scan the headers in accounts. Or run a deep scan to also include the content. Process files through the menus or via drag and drop - choose whatever suits your workflow best.

Advanced url scraping

An intelligent url scraper is included on the tool panel to quickly scan web pages, or entire domains. There's no need to manually look through websites for contact details. Feed the url to eMail Address Extractor choose to scan the page or the entire domain and set it to work. All the discovered emails will be neatly packaged up into your selected format.

eMail Address Extractor Screenshots

Modern looks and intuitive.

No Tutorials needed

Drag files to the drop zone to create mailing lists.


Extract the addresses you want, ignore those you don't.

Url scraping

Scan single urls or entire domains for email addresses.

eMail Address Extractor Questions

What can it do, what do you need, and why is it useful.

What can it do?

  • Quickly generate mailing lists
  • Process accounts or folders
  • Scan through the contents of zip archives
  • Remove duplicates from mailing lists
  • Merge mailing lists
  • Scrape urls or entire domains

What you will need

  • 1 Mac running macOS 10.12 or better (Catalina recommended)

Why is it useful?

  • To quickly creating personal and business mailing lists
  • Automated url scraping
  • Most popular file formats are supported
  • It gets results fast, saving you time and money

What does eMail Address Extractor support?

  • macOS 10.12 or better (Catalina recommended)
  • Localized for English, German and French